Sunday, 2 August 2009

Times at Tenterden

I am so pleased with what Kiah has shown me she can do today, I am actually quite shocked! We had a lovely graded 4-5 agility, and though unfortunately Kiah had a pole down, it was the achievement of the quality and TIME of her run that I am so pleased with!! Kiah ran awesome and had a faster time than the winners of both the grade 4 AND the grade 5!! To find that out is such a big achievement for us in itself as I never thought we would get up past grade 3 and to show me that she can do that and be up there with the higher more senior grades really makes me proud of her! No clears though this weekend, some lovely handle-y courses which were a real challenge and I enjoyed, I know Kiah did too.

Apart from the horrendous rainy weather yesterday afternoon and evening which was a little grim, today turned out really lovely and sunny so this morning's walk was great! Kiah had so much fun playing with all her friends over the cross-country fields, having a great time!! In between running around like mad, one thing she seems to love is jumping up on things and waiting for me to release her off them, well this was the ideal opportunity for a quick picture, her posing on one of the horse jumps! She is so lovely, but then I am a bit biased!

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Mand said...

It was a lovely round Grace, I was gutted when the pole went down! I would loved for you to hae won that. I'm sure you will move on up very soon!!