Thursday, 11 October 2012

Warm Walkies

A few weeks ago there were a stunningly warm few days including the weekend, so we spent a lovely morning with friends walking the dogs for a couple of hours, in the local country park.  We had recently purchased a new-to-us DSLR camera from a friend, again a Canon as we really like the brand and the quality, but this time a 40d, an update on our older 350d, so we thought we would take it and try it out.  The dogs had a great time playing with their friends, racing along the sandy lanes, in the cooler forest, across the greens, through the streams, and most importantly downhill on the offroad cycle paths - obviously when no bikes were around, a lot of fun.  The new camera did good too, we got some good photos of our three and our friends three as well, this is one of my favourite ones - you can see them bursting out of their wait, and the focus in their eyes as they heard their 'ok' release command!!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Birthday Boys!!

Wishing a very happy birthday to Risk (little dude, noodle, ewok, not poodle), who turned 1 year old on the 22nd September!! A very happy little soul and always makes you laugh, he is a little bit sensitive, and a little independent at times, but great fun and likes to play.  Really starting to enjoy his agility training, and bounces around when the clicker comes out to do tricks.  Very handsome and loves life and everything in it, our lovely boy!!

And...Wishing a very happy birthday to our first rescue boy Davy (doofus, rat boy, sofa dog), who turned 4 on the 1st October!! Such an easy going boy and also a little sensitive but very different, much more closed.  He is just starting to come out of his shell in a big way and has started playing with toys, a big step for him.  Also very handsome (not biased about my boys at all!), and takes everything in his stride, our lazy boy!!

Monday, 1 October 2012

Sunshine Through The Rain

We have had to make quite a few trips down to Mum/Dad's house to check up on things, do the gardening, sort out post, keep the house tidy, and generally start to have a sort out.  Its kind of sad for me going down there, but of course I have lots of lovely memories - and loads of photos to look through which I quite often do when I go down there, so its not a bad place to be, it will always be my home where I grew up.

I had to make a trip down on my own for something a couple of weeks ago, it was nice to be there again, and I took the dogs down with me, though it was absolutely miserable on the whole journey down, and not much better when I got there.  The dogs are always really good when we go down there, and after a play in the garden and a chase around the fruit trees (which always makes me laugh) they settle down really well, so I managed to get a few things sorted out.  Just as I was deciding whether to bother taking them out in the rain, I realised that it had actually stopped raining, the temperature had risen, and the sun had broken through the clouds, so we went on a really beautiful, quiet and peaceful walk along the beach, we all had a fantastic time, lovely end to the day.