Monday, 1 October 2012

Sunshine Through The Rain

We have had to make quite a few trips down to Mum/Dad's house to check up on things, do the gardening, sort out post, keep the house tidy, and generally start to have a sort out.  Its kind of sad for me going down there, but of course I have lots of lovely memories - and loads of photos to look through which I quite often do when I go down there, so its not a bad place to be, it will always be my home where I grew up.

I had to make a trip down on my own for something a couple of weeks ago, it was nice to be there again, and I took the dogs down with me, though it was absolutely miserable on the whole journey down, and not much better when I got there.  The dogs are always really good when we go down there, and after a play in the garden and a chase around the fruit trees (which always makes me laugh) they settle down really well, so I managed to get a few things sorted out.  Just as I was deciding whether to bother taking them out in the rain, I realised that it had actually stopped raining, the temperature had risen, and the sun had broken through the clouds, so we went on a really beautiful, quiet and peaceful walk along the beach, we all had a fantastic time, lovely end to the day.

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