Saturday, 9 August 2008

The Final!

Weekend before last was mixed fortunes I guess, the weather was wonderfully sunny and hot all of Saturday and Sunday, but out of 6 runs we didn't manage get one clear round! I don't know if it was my nerves, or rubbish handling (quite possible!) but Kiah was listening perfectly and the only reason we had poles down was due to me. Oh well, never mind, it was the one at the end of Saturday that counted - the Agility Club Starters Challenge!

Well I said I would report back on the results, and wasn't Kiah a little star - she ran perfectly, and I think I handled it quite well too, to end up in 3rd place and get a beautiful crystal bowl trophy!! The judge Andy Hudson set a good course, on first glance it looked very 'different' to anything I had seen before, but it ran a lot better than it looked and I really enjoyed it and I know that Kiah did too!

Just a quick note of thanks to my friends too, for keeping me sane and calm before the final and for videoing (which I can't seem to upload so look at:) and taking pictures of my round, and to loads of lovely agility people who came up to me and Kiah afterwards and said how brilliant she is. This pic is of Kiah at home on my bed having a well earned rest after the weekend.

The only thing I could have improved personally was my speed, if you look at the video of the round then Kiah's contacts were perfectly held (well done Ki!) however if I was a bit faster we could have shaved a bit of time off. But I really don't mind that, I couldn't have asked any more from her, she worked her little paws off and to come 3rd in her first ever final, just my fabulous amazing superstar Malinois.

Kiah and I are at Dogs in Need for the week coming up, hoping the weather cheers up a little (please?!) and we get two runs a day so nice laid back atmosphere, hoping to get some nice clear round runs in but if not then we'll just have fun anyway!!