Friday, 12 August 2011

Its Going To Be a Busy Couple of Weeks!!

As much as I am getting into enjoying my 2 week (and one day!) holiday already, and its only Friday evening, it is going to be busy here, fun but also a little bit stressful I think. Kiah has had a check up/massage this evening with her fab physiotherapist which all went very well, so our first week is going to be a nice relaxing time at the Dogs in Need show. The main order of that week is chilling out with the dogs in our new caravan and enjoying lots of good friends' company that we haven't seen in ages, as well as a little bit of agility for good measure!! I've put a photo on here of Kiah enjoying her agility at the show the year before, as we haven't had an agility picture for a while :)))

Our second week is going to be a just a little busier, as Monday the 22nd is our completion date on the house sale and purchase, it is nearly here and we are definitely ready for it. The last few bits and pieces are almost ready to move and most things are now packed in one place or another, just things like the fridge, tv and mattress left. It is truly bizarre living with the minimum for a couple of weeks, but the amount of stuff we have binned in the sorting process, is quite theraputic!! Let the journey begin...

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Lots of Goings On!

I hadn't realised in quite how long that I haven't updated my blog but there has been quite a lot going on, and most of it has kept us just a little bit busy, so where do I start, it might be easier to write a list, its going to be a long one, mainly good stuff but some not so good first of all...

About half way through an agility lesson, Kiah was acting odd, missing her weaves and then after coming out of a tunnel, a strange hind leg gait, so of course I pulled her out straight away. So off to our lovely physio for her who managed to fit us in at mega short notice and then a visit to our vet as well. To cut a very long and woe-is-me (me, not Kiah) story short, it was thankfully just bruising and tight muscles rather than anything more serious, so pleased! Of course she has been spoiled silly - and having on lead, minimal walks only so is a bit of a porker at the moment, not fat as I wouldn't let that happen, but just a little rounded around the edges, I'm just so glad she is and will be ok with time.

Also, an update from my last post; we sold our old caravan, and picked up the new one which is just lovely, if a little smaller but just nearly perfect. Oh and of course it includes the awning, which we have now had the trial put up, and re-waterproofed just in case - but only in the garden as there's no room by the caravan, it looks fairly new and unused, so fingers crossed it fits properly and hasn't shrunk. Its first real outing will be at Dogs In Need in a couple of weeks, looking forward to that!!

Last week we were looking after a friend's 4 month old puppy as they were on holiday, she is called Luna and is a rottie x lab - quite cute but looks like a huge-pawed labrador at the moment. It was a bit of a reality check for both Alex and I as Kiah was my last puppy, 5+ years ago, and Alex's which was 12+ years ago!! Luna was a good girl and it was quite fun really watching our dogs interact with her, and remembering the teaching process for a puppy, all the things that you take for granted as the older three know what they are doing, so a learning process for us too. She went home on Saturday as her owners were back home, and bless her we will miss her a bit.

So onto the best - and long awaited news, I didn't want to say anything until it was finalised, but we are finally in the process of moving house - the exchange happened last week. The only slight downside, is that the completion date has been set for the 22nd August, which is a Monday and the week immediately following Dogs in Need - so it is going to be chaotic!! Fortunately the place we are buying is a probate property, so though sad for the family who are selling, they have been really helpful to us and let us move about 90% of our 'stuff' in already, so this weekend has been very busy emptying our house!! The biggest mission so far was getting the sofa out, which involved taking the door off the hinges in the end - you can see that Kiah was 'helping' sitting on it out the front of the house, as it is kind of 'her' sofa.

It is going to be a busy couple of weeks for us and has started already - we both have a week left at work which will be mad trying to sort things before we go, and then two full weeks holiday, the first chilling at the dog show, and then complete mayhem the following week when we finally get to move in to our new house and enjoy our huge 100ft garden, and the fun and new chapters that will bring to our lives and furry family, can't wait :)))