Monday, 6 May 2013

Fantastic Present

Just recently we have been redecorating some of the inside of the house, so moving some of the pictures around, and I realised I have never posted on here about one of the best presents I ever received from Alex last year.  Back in a post I wrote on 29th August, when we were away and had the dogs pictures taken by Chris Jones ( I received a 'product' of his work. Chris is fantastic with the dogs, takes loads of photos in a sitting until you are happy with them, then you can pick any combination of the ones you like the best, and turn them into a montage.  So as a surprise a couple of months later, I received three pictures of Kiah in a beautiful large frame which I adore - the picture of it here doesn't really do it justice.  After I received mine, and then later in the year we sadly lost Yahoo, we now have a similar one of him which is equally cherished!

Going Walkies

We haven't entered too many shows this year, partly because of cost and partly as we are just enjoying doing things with the dogs, and have more than enough stuff to do on the vehicles, at home, in the garden, with friends, crammed into a two day weekend that always seems to fly by!  We still enjoy doing the shows but lots of other stuff to do as well.  A couple of weekends ago, it was finally warm and dry after yet more rain, so we spent a long morning out walking, and remembered to take the camera for once!!

The most frustrating thing when taking photos is Davy - you point a camera and he instantly puts his ears down and squints. very patience testing, every single time!  Kiah has been subjected to a camera from young so is used to it as long as she gets her reward after, and Risk is pretty good as long as he doesnt have to hang around too long!  This time however, I was quite pleased with how some of the photos came out - but this one was one of my favourites, the background is a bit 'busy' and the colours aren't quite right but theres something about it - the Davy and Risk in their usual relaxed poses, Kiah looking elegant in her usual pose, the dogs cuddling up together - as they are all very close to each other in life too, I just love it.