Sunday, 23 November 2008

A Great Walk

I had a days' holiday from work on Friday so myself, Alex and Kiah met up with Lisa and her 7 dogs (5 belgians, 1 GSD and 1 sheltie!), and Angela and her 5 dogs (poodles!) for a long and enjoyable walk in the forest and fields, the weather stayed fab too. I brought my digital camera along with me, and we got loads of pictures of all the dogs having fun and some group shots too. Kiah had a wonderful day you could see it in her smiley face, she adores being able to run around and play with other dogs like this, but especially Lisa's as they all love chasing her over the fields and through the trees and bushes! She also made a new friend on the walk, Angela's small white poodle Lex who joined in the chasing games too!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Cheeky Kiah!

Last Sunday, Alex, Kiah and I all went to my Mum's for a visit as I hadn't seen her in a while - and to take her some chocolates that we had brought back for her from Belgium. We helped mum out with a few odd jobs, then had lunch, and after a short walk down to the sea-front we settled down in mum's front room on the sofa. Kiah isn't one to push her luck, but she is cheeky enough to try and take advantage of the opportunities - should they arise of course ;)! She sneakily hopped on to the sofa, as if to say 'if I sit still and you don't notice me you can't tell me off' and mum allowed her to stay up there, and so with Kiah looking cute and more than comfortable, I got a picture of her!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Discover Dogs

On the Saturday before last Kiah and I went up to Discover Dogs, an event held yearly in November and it is at Earls Court 2, where the public can come and meet lots of different breeds - some of which I hadn't even heard of! After meeting up in London, we travelled up to DD on the London Underground, Kiah was so good on it, even when being carried on the escalators, and lots of rewards for being so well behaved, and as always the tube was a good opportunity to get her used to something different.

This was to be the first day of the event so we set up the stand with lots of new and old pictures and information, showing the Malinois off at its best, doing Agility, Conformation, Flyball, Working Trials and just general fun pictures. So Kiah (see pic) and her two Mally pals Rusty and Tia were there welcoming the public on the Belgian Malinois booth all day, they all seemed to enjoy it very much taking it totally in their stride! Each of the dogs were getting lots of attention and having their pictures taken, doing tricks, showing off, and of course lots of praise and treats. I was so proud of her, it takes a lot out of the dogs being on 'display' all day. After the Tube journey back and the drive home, when Kiah and I got home in the evening on Saturday, she took herself off to bed (my bed!) and bless her she was snuggled up and out like a light!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Mini Holiday

Over the last week I have been on a trip to Belgium (Brussels) to see Alex's home town, and see some of his friends and family over there, as well as - most importantly ;) - meet his Golden Retriever who is called Yahoo - don't laugh, it really suits him! Once his vaccinations are all up to date, Yahoo will hopefully be coming over to stay with us permanently in the new year, as long as he fits in here of course, but I think Kiah is going to like him, he loves to play!

While we were over in Belgium we did a lot of sight-seeing including seeing the Atomium, the Cinquantenaire, the European Commission buildings, and the Royal residence, as well as lots of eating of waffles and chips (not together!) and seeing the local sights. I also visited the towns of Tervuren which is a 5 minute drive from where Alex's home is, and also more importantly we went to Malines, two of the towns where the Belgian Shepherds originated from.

Every other time Kiah would come with me when I go away, but as I hadn't been there before myself, I wanted to see what Belgium was like. Also, I didn't know how she would react to being in another dog's home as she hasn't met Yahoo yet, so for a few days this time she stayed with her doggy pals Rusty and Tia (photo from L-R: Tia, Rusty, Kiah), she had a great time - a mini holiday of her own! I missed Kiah a lot while we were away, so she has had lots of fuss since we have been back, as well as lots of treats and cuddles!