Saturday, 22 November 2008

Cheeky Kiah!

Last Sunday, Alex, Kiah and I all went to my Mum's for a visit as I hadn't seen her in a while - and to take her some chocolates that we had brought back for her from Belgium. We helped mum out with a few odd jobs, then had lunch, and after a short walk down to the sea-front we settled down in mum's front room on the sofa. Kiah isn't one to push her luck, but she is cheeky enough to try and take advantage of the opportunities - should they arise of course ;)! She sneakily hopped on to the sofa, as if to say 'if I sit still and you don't notice me you can't tell me off' and mum allowed her to stay up there, and so with Kiah looking cute and more than comfortable, I got a picture of her!

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