Saturday, 27 December 2008

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Merry Christmas every body!! It is now the 27th December (already! It has gone so quickly) and so far I have been having a really great Christmas with lots of good food, nice people and really great and thoughtful gifts, I hope everyone else has had a nice time too. Before we know it, the celebrations will be over and it will soon be 2009 (and the start of the agility season!), so I try to look back and remember some of the good things that happened to me during the year.

We were all at my mum and dad's for Christmas and Boxing day, both days turned out to be nice and sunny if a little chilly, so we took a nice long walk along the seafront on Christmas day morning with Kiah, before the main rush of the day had started. We had a lovely Christmas dinner that my mum cooked, and of course Kiah had her own doggy cracker and turkey dinner too! We opened our presents after dinner, and I got lots of lovely things including some Malinois t-shirts, a new sleeping bag, a dvd box set, lots of chocolate, and some money. One of the best gifts I got from my mum and dad (see pic) was this set of three weighted purple and white agility jumps. They are brilliant and will allow me to do a bit of agility practice here at home. Kiah loves them too, for obvious reasons!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Olympia ABC Final 2008 Congratulations!!

Wow, even more great news from the Mallys, I have just heard that Dave Leach and Rusty (Bonvivant Kallisto) have gone and won the Olympia ABC Final 2008!!!! Also Congratulations to Natalie and Kiros the Honorary Mally ;) with a brilliant run to come 4th in the final!!!!

For the first time ever at Olympia there was a run off for 1st place with Dave and Rusty and Mark and Ruby, and Rusty pulled it out of the bag with a stunning second run to win, even beating her first time too!! Both Dave and Rusty work exceptionally hard, and never take anything for granted - they really deserve that win, so CONGRATULATIONS!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Kiah!

It is Kiah's 3rd birthday today, I can't believe my little girl has grown up this quickly!! She has had a lovely day with lots of treats and walks, as well as getting to play with her friend Tia who is staying today. She has just had her dinner, and will be having her main birthday present, a lovely raw rump steak in a little while.

From the moment I picked Kiah when she was just a cute little puppy at 4 weeks old (this picture was the one that sold it for me she was and is just beautiful), to this stunning, well balanced (well not at agility!) all round amazing dog who I am proud to call my own. Happy Birthday Kiah-pups!!

Monday, 8 December 2008

Not Impressed

I am seriously not happy today, went to bed all bunged up and woke up this morning (after having very little sleep anyway) with a blocked nose, stuffy head and stinking cold, I have only recently got rid of the last one about a month ago! So unlike a lot of people who think they are martyrs going in to work and passing it around to everyone else, I am at home trying to get rid of it and not sharing! Oh and just to add to that, there seems to be something wrong with my internet, so I can't actually get on to ANY of the 'blogspot' sites, every other website that you can think of is fine though. I have absolutely no idea why, and the service provider's 'technical support team' are next to useless.

Anyway, enough of my whinging. The walk that Kiah and I went on with Lisa (and Angela again too) yesterday in Selsdon was lovely, really sunny and clear blue sky, but very frosty and crunchy underfoot as you can see in these photos, so a little bit chilly in the shade of the trees and forest, not that it seemed to bother Kiah about playing in it! I am 100% certain this walk was not the cause of my cold though. I am keeping my fingers and everything crossed (as well as taking lots of vitamins and cold/flu relief) that I will have managed to shake this off by Saturday so I can go to the Rugby agility show!!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

December Already!!

Where has this year gone, it is December now and swiftly heading for Christmas, which though I promised myself I would be organised for, it is creeping up fast and I am not ready! I am trying to get lots of Christmas shopping done, and the decorations are down from the loft and all ready to go up hopefully next weekend. Kiah was getting into the Christmas spirit yesterday by sporting her 'tinsel scarf' ;) she was very patient with me letting me take a photo of her!! One of my favourite parts about Christmas is seeing the outside lights on everyone's houses (as long as they are not tacky or enough to use all the power in the national grid!), so I might try to convince Alex that our outside ones can go up a little bit earlier!

December is a very busy month, along with getting ready for Christmas; buying gifts, writing cards, putting the decorations up, three birthdays, thank you letters, we also have work Christmas parties, and a 'mini' Christmas just before the real thing with my cousins! But most importantly (!) next weekend Kiah and I have the Rugby Christmas agility show (we are travelling up with Lisa and her Belgians), this show really is the last one of the season, I have been missing doing shows and seeing agility friends, so I can't wait!

Anyway, I have decided that all the best people are born in December - mine, Alex's (22nd) and Kiah's (21st) as well as Lisa's Meme and Inca too! It was my birthday yesterday (6th) and I had a really great day, the weather was sunny and quite warm. And for those I thought I was 29, I only turned 27 thank you!!! I opened my presents in the morning when I woke up, I got a nice necklace, some PJ's, fun socks, perfume, two matching hot chocolate mugs, a big photo frame with 4 pictures of Kiah in, a pair of football boots for agility and some money which I am going to put in my savings for now. Kiah and I then went for a nice walk over the park, and had training in the afternoon, then in the evening we got a yummy take away and watched Saturday night tv which I really enjoy I am sad to admit!

Today it is lovely and sunny again outside (but freezing cold, there is a heavy frost!), and so Kiah and I are going to wrap up warm and go walking with Lisa and all Kiah's doggy friends like we did last week it was very enjoyable. I like taking photos of all the dogs having fun so I will take my camera with me again and see what nice pictures I can get.