Sunday, 7 December 2008

December Already!!

Where has this year gone, it is December now and swiftly heading for Christmas, which though I promised myself I would be organised for, it is creeping up fast and I am not ready! I am trying to get lots of Christmas shopping done, and the decorations are down from the loft and all ready to go up hopefully next weekend. Kiah was getting into the Christmas spirit yesterday by sporting her 'tinsel scarf' ;) she was very patient with me letting me take a photo of her!! One of my favourite parts about Christmas is seeing the outside lights on everyone's houses (as long as they are not tacky or enough to use all the power in the national grid!), so I might try to convince Alex that our outside ones can go up a little bit earlier!

December is a very busy month, along with getting ready for Christmas; buying gifts, writing cards, putting the decorations up, three birthdays, thank you letters, we also have work Christmas parties, and a 'mini' Christmas just before the real thing with my cousins! But most importantly (!) next weekend Kiah and I have the Rugby Christmas agility show (we are travelling up with Lisa and her Belgians), this show really is the last one of the season, I have been missing doing shows and seeing agility friends, so I can't wait!

Anyway, I have decided that all the best people are born in December - mine, Alex's (22nd) and Kiah's (21st) as well as Lisa's Meme and Inca too! It was my birthday yesterday (6th) and I had a really great day, the weather was sunny and quite warm. And for those I thought I was 29, I only turned 27 thank you!!! I opened my presents in the morning when I woke up, I got a nice necklace, some PJ's, fun socks, perfume, two matching hot chocolate mugs, a big photo frame with 4 pictures of Kiah in, a pair of football boots for agility and some money which I am going to put in my savings for now. Kiah and I then went for a nice walk over the park, and had training in the afternoon, then in the evening we got a yummy take away and watched Saturday night tv which I really enjoy I am sad to admit!

Today it is lovely and sunny again outside (but freezing cold, there is a heavy frost!), and so Kiah and I are going to wrap up warm and go walking with Lisa and all Kiah's doggy friends like we did last week it was very enjoyable. I like taking photos of all the dogs having fun so I will take my camera with me again and see what nice pictures I can get.

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