Friday, 30 September 2011

Mega Update!!

Well we are back in the land of normality... internet connection and everything. Obviously the main reason is moving house - our actual moving day went by without too much drama - apart from having to take the fridge apart to get it out of the front door and into the van!! We got the call through at 12.55pm to go and pick up the keys, and even on the very first evening in our new place, we both felt really comfortable, and it felt like home - to all of us, the dogs included. We have done some bits to start with, tidying up the garden (dogs' play zone!), and completely redecorating our bedroom with a brand new fluffy carpet, so far...

Our first week off was at Dogs in Need, we got to put up our new caravan awning and it served us very well for the week, far too organised and 'homely' but helped us even more to relax. The actual agility - well with a combination of Kiah and I needing to do more training to remember picking her feet up, and my handling being disastrous too... nothing changes!! Aside from the moaning there were lots of good points too, including the agility, its never as bad as I say, I wouldn't do it if we didn't enjoy it!

It was a similar story for the ABC, I absolutely loved the experience, and also seeing everyone else run as best they can, even though my nerves were completely frayed. The warm up course was really enjoyable to run and very well placed I think - it must be difficult to set a 1-7 as you can't make it too easy, but not too hard either. Kiah was excellent, very fast but accurate as well - just one pole down which was most definitely my fault getting in her way on a front cross. The final course was actually even better, and another positive for Kiah - she did an excellent pull in, unfortunately I became a spectator watching this fab turn... and then the big E watching her straight into the tunnel, damn it... It would have been excellent to get there, but we wish the very best to the people who did qualify, can't wait to watch the final.

So onwards and upwards to another ABC qualifier and see if we can do it again this year - and the last show of the season - at Norfolk this weekend, so we'll go out there, and give it a damn good go... properly. Then its the end of the season again though - it does just come around so quick. Definitely more training over the winter required - for me more than anything, and just a bit of a reminder for Kiah. I think next year we might just set ourselves a couple of goals, if nothing else just to try and make some of our attempts a bit more positive, and go out and attack them, we shall see, and starting with the ABC this weekend... mind over matter...!!