Sunday, 16 February 2014

Kiah's Funny Turn

On the 16th January at about 3.30 in the morning (not quite sure why I noticed the time!), Kiah gave us all a bit of a scare - especially when you're not really with it in the dark.  She had what we think was some kind of seizure, it only lasted a couple of minutes - though felt like hours, and caused by what we don't know but hope to hell it never ever happens again.  It was so frightening - mainly for me as I hadn't ever seen anything like it before, and to watch her in a 'spaced out' kind of place probably scared us more than her, she was really good and quite brave too (and the boys stayed calm and in their beds too, good boys!), and very calm as she came back to normal so I'm pretty proud of her for that.

Of course we were straight to the vet in the morning, found out that these funny moments really can just happen once and never again, or could be epilepsy, or somewhere in between.  We have no idea what caused it, but I have made a few minor changes with Kiah's diet and lifestyle, probably more for my own peace of mind but again they could or could not be related.  We are also currently awaiting the final results of some blood tests, as her thyroid seemed a little bit low - it could be something or it could be nothing to do with it, but we will see, hopefully just one of those 'one off' sort of things.

After word got around, I received literally hundreds of messages of support and offering experience and help, understanding and advice, it is so nice to have such a huge agility community and it makes you realise how many people care and have been in similar situations and are happy to share and help where they can.

I do truly hope that anything like this doesn't happen again, but if it does we are a lot more educated now about what to do.  Thankfully she has been absolutely fine since that morning, and hasn't shown any form of relapse, bright as a button and very much her usual self being as naughty and funny as normal, so keeping fingers and toes crossed for my very special girl!!