Saturday, 29 August 2009

Nearly Demo Time!!

Kiah and I are packed and ready to go early tomorrow morning, we have a busy but fun two days ahead with a local agricultural show. Sunniday - one of the nearby agility clubs that I go to - does agility demonstrations and 'have a go' fun sessions for the public throughout the two days as well as holding a fun companion dog show both of which are always popular. A lot of people put a lot of hard work into making it happen, but the main reason for these demos' is to help raise lots of money for charity which are usually maybe a dog charity and another few that have either helped someone out in the club or one that someone in the club is closely connected with - we usually raise quite a lot which is great.

Kiah and I generally try to volunteer to help out most years as it is always for a good cause, but also Kiah has such a great time doing all the relay races, running as fast as she can without any form of difficulty, showing off her contacts and her manic speed, getting lots of treats for being a good girl, and generally being fussed by as many people as she can manage to fit in! Of course I enjoy being her chauffeur for the weekend ;) as there are lots of things to see and do for me too, and as it is an agricultural show I usually am able to pick up a few more horse rope leads which Kiah likes as her raggy toys - we get through a few! This is Kiah looking good in our/my 'uniform' for the two days (bless her she is so patient with me and got a big yummy biscuit afterwards!), everyone has to wear the yellow club t-shirt, which isn't so bad apart from the sheer amount of bugs that get attracted to it!!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

DINAS... To Finish!

Hmm, well that was Dogs in Need 2009 over and finished for the year and just as enjoyable as last year if not moreso! It went so quickly, and of course always made better by pleasant weather (next year more of the same please), but when I started to pack up on Saturday I don't really think I can really believe we were there for a whole week!!! I packed up a day earlier as we didn't make it into the finals (though big well dones to all our friends that did make it and did so well!) and I thought I had better at least TRY to be organised for work on the Monday, I even managed to get up with the alarm - unlike Kiah who as in this picture was sleeping under my bed on the floor (hiding so she didnt have to get up too I bet!) - though she has a lovely fluffy snuggly new bed of her own!!!

Kiah and I had such a great time at Dogs in Need, I love being able to spend most of my time with her, watching her enjoy her holiday too and her beautiful foxy little face lighting up when I can see how much she loves her agility, it doesn't take her long to realise when we are at agility!! So little Kiah.... you did me proud this week as you always do, you didn't and don't ever put a paw wrong, youre still as crazy as ever and the best dog in the world to live with, you make me so proud to be your owner and I wouldn't change you for the world!!!!!!

The Important Bit in the Middle...

So onto the start of what was turning out to be an awesome week; including a lovely corner camping spot, right next to the brand new shower block, not too far from the rings, brilliantly hot weather, great people and best of all, my little Kiah to share it all with me! With two runs a day it was very relaxing and this week really was a chill out week as much as enjoying the agility, and on more than one occassion Kiah and I were caught having afternoon naps in the sun!!

Kiah had some brilliant runs over the week and I am proud of what she did even though we only ended up with one clear round, it was a jumping course and we were a little wide and had a spin coming out of the flat tunnel, so I was ever so pleased with her 12th place clever girly that she is. Generally though there were a lot of minor errors by me, and a couple of not very pleasant courses - but then on the bright side there were a few really nice courses too. I would actually say the jumping courses were nicer than the agility, with me I usually enjoy the other way around! Kiah was flying though just had a pole in one jumping course, and in another the combination of scratchy dirt-no-grass-left ground and Kiah's speed bless her she managed the weave entry but couldn't stay in them.

Mustn't forget our day off in the middle, in fact the ONLY day out of the whole week we had a tiny bit of rain, I think it was probably at the most two 5 minute rain showers, and that was it! So a good opportunity for me to take lots of pictures - lots of Kiah in mid-play with the rest of the 18 dogs that we had on our walk with us she had a great time belting around as usual!!

DINAS From Start...

We left home for Dogs in Need on the Sunday because if you get there a day early you can set up your pitch while it is nice and quiet, the dogs can have a lovely long run around the empty camping fields before the hoards arrive ;) the day after!

That is the 'payment' for the privelidge of getting there earlier (pre-arranged of course), as you help with the booking in of the main day of camping, the sun was shining, it is generally quite good fun and there was a lovely crowd on the section we were managing. Even Kiah helped with the booking in you can see her here organising her section and waiting for her campers to arrive, with her hi-viz on (safety first!) and clipboard at the ready! We even had everyone booked in by about 4ish so the day wasn't too long... and all in all a good start to the week...!

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Packed and Ready to Go!!

I think that I have everything now packed, and we are more than ready to go and I can't wait, a whole week with my beautiful girl doing what we love best!!! I have checked the weather forecast and touch wood it is looking good, but I have packed for all weathers just in case it is England after all! If there is anything I have forgotten it is almost too late to remember, and as long as I have the important things - clothes, food, camera and running orders, and of course most importantly Princess Kiah - thats all that matters. Kiah is ready to go too, she is currently fast asleep in her bed dreaming of agility, however still managed to wake up and begrudgingly glare at me while i took her picture! We are away for a week now, but I will make sure I post an update as soon as I am back. So all that's left is one more sleep.... then HOLIDAY TIME!!!!!

Thursday, 13 August 2009

News Update

Its been a little while since I updated as we haven't really been up to much... not agility wise anyway. I have been visiting my mum which Kiah loves as she gets spoiled (like me when I go there) and gets to play in a huge garden too. I am also going to try out for the Belgian World Championships as I know Kiah will have a great time, it is more for experience this year but it is a hope one day to maybe get there and give it our best. I have also entered Kiah into a local breed show in September just to see how she does and have a bit of fun and something different, though at this rate she won't have any coat then at ALL she is moulting so much!

I haven't had any holidays this year yet, so I am really REALLY looking forward to my week off work and the week long Dogs in Need agility show, though I am no where near ready!! This picture of my beautiful girly was taken exactly a year ago at the same show, it was a lovely day fingers crossed this year's weather will be similar! And even better news that I have been waiting for, I got my car back today all lovely and clean and fixed, so Kiah has her lovely solid safe cage back in time for the show, she hasn't been in it yet since the accident but she has been SO patient and well behaved travelling in the courtesy car, I think she will be ok. I had better get moving and get all Kiah's and my stuff sorted for the show, one more day at work then a whole 9 days off til I go back!!

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Times at Tenterden

I am so pleased with what Kiah has shown me she can do today, I am actually quite shocked! We had a lovely graded 4-5 agility, and though unfortunately Kiah had a pole down, it was the achievement of the quality and TIME of her run that I am so pleased with!! Kiah ran awesome and had a faster time than the winners of both the grade 4 AND the grade 5!! To find that out is such a big achievement for us in itself as I never thought we would get up past grade 3 and to show me that she can do that and be up there with the higher more senior grades really makes me proud of her! No clears though this weekend, some lovely handle-y courses which were a real challenge and I enjoyed, I know Kiah did too.

Apart from the horrendous rainy weather yesterday afternoon and evening which was a little grim, today turned out really lovely and sunny so this morning's walk was great! Kiah had so much fun playing with all her friends over the cross-country fields, having a great time!! In between running around like mad, one thing she seems to love is jumping up on things and waiting for me to release her off them, well this was the ideal opportunity for a quick picture, her posing on one of the horse jumps! She is so lovely, but then I am a bit biased!