Saturday, 29 August 2009

Nearly Demo Time!!

Kiah and I are packed and ready to go early tomorrow morning, we have a busy but fun two days ahead with a local agricultural show. Sunniday - one of the nearby agility clubs that I go to - does agility demonstrations and 'have a go' fun sessions for the public throughout the two days as well as holding a fun companion dog show both of which are always popular. A lot of people put a lot of hard work into making it happen, but the main reason for these demos' is to help raise lots of money for charity which are usually maybe a dog charity and another few that have either helped someone out in the club or one that someone in the club is closely connected with - we usually raise quite a lot which is great.

Kiah and I generally try to volunteer to help out most years as it is always for a good cause, but also Kiah has such a great time doing all the relay races, running as fast as she can without any form of difficulty, showing off her contacts and her manic speed, getting lots of treats for being a good girl, and generally being fussed by as many people as she can manage to fit in! Of course I enjoy being her chauffeur for the weekend ;) as there are lots of things to see and do for me too, and as it is an agricultural show I usually am able to pick up a few more horse rope leads which Kiah likes as her raggy toys - we get through a few! This is Kiah looking good in our/my 'uniform' for the two days (bless her she is so patient with me and got a big yummy biscuit afterwards!), everyone has to wear the yellow club t-shirt, which isn't so bad apart from the sheer amount of bugs that get attracted to it!!!

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