Thursday, 13 August 2009

News Update

Its been a little while since I updated as we haven't really been up to much... not agility wise anyway. I have been visiting my mum which Kiah loves as she gets spoiled (like me when I go there) and gets to play in a huge garden too. I am also going to try out for the Belgian World Championships as I know Kiah will have a great time, it is more for experience this year but it is a hope one day to maybe get there and give it our best. I have also entered Kiah into a local breed show in September just to see how she does and have a bit of fun and something different, though at this rate she won't have any coat then at ALL she is moulting so much!

I haven't had any holidays this year yet, so I am really REALLY looking forward to my week off work and the week long Dogs in Need agility show, though I am no where near ready!! This picture of my beautiful girly was taken exactly a year ago at the same show, it was a lovely day fingers crossed this year's weather will be similar! And even better news that I have been waiting for, I got my car back today all lovely and clean and fixed, so Kiah has her lovely solid safe cage back in time for the show, she hasn't been in it yet since the accident but she has been SO patient and well behaved travelling in the courtesy car, I think she will be ok. I had better get moving and get all Kiah's and my stuff sorted for the show, one more day at work then a whole 9 days off til I go back!!

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