Wednesday, 26 August 2009

DINAS... To Finish!

Hmm, well that was Dogs in Need 2009 over and finished for the year and just as enjoyable as last year if not moreso! It went so quickly, and of course always made better by pleasant weather (next year more of the same please), but when I started to pack up on Saturday I don't really think I can really believe we were there for a whole week!!! I packed up a day earlier as we didn't make it into the finals (though big well dones to all our friends that did make it and did so well!) and I thought I had better at least TRY to be organised for work on the Monday, I even managed to get up with the alarm - unlike Kiah who as in this picture was sleeping under my bed on the floor (hiding so she didnt have to get up too I bet!) - though she has a lovely fluffy snuggly new bed of her own!!!

Kiah and I had such a great time at Dogs in Need, I love being able to spend most of my time with her, watching her enjoy her holiday too and her beautiful foxy little face lighting up when I can see how much she loves her agility, it doesn't take her long to realise when we are at agility!! So little Kiah.... you did me proud this week as you always do, you didn't and don't ever put a paw wrong, youre still as crazy as ever and the best dog in the world to live with, you make me so proud to be your owner and I wouldn't change you for the world!!!!!!

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