Saturday, 31 March 2012

Risky Roodles Pup-date

I thought it was about time that Risk got another little post about himself, as he's been doing a bit of growing up recently, he's not a tiny puppy any more, more of an adolescent at 6 months (and one week!) and certainly turning into a very lovely, happy, confident little dog. He is quite chunky and has a really lovely thick jet black coat, with a sweet face too. We have decided that he must have some kind of 'ewok' type creature in his make-up, as he when he is really happy or sees someone he really likes, he loves to 'talk' to them, its very funny!!

Part of the rescue rules is that he had to be castrated by 6 months, so he was all booked in quickly and dropped off one morning two weeks ago - to stop me thinking and worrying about him. The day was over quickly thankfully, and when I went to pick him up he was just as happy, none the wiser, still 'awwooooing' and yodelling - telling me all his woes! He has been really good wearing his cone - when he was on 'parole' from it when we could keep an eye on him, he never once tried to get to his wound - plus the vet that did the snip did an absolutely fantastic job, I know its a routine operation but I've never seen such tiny stitches, and it has healed perfectly.

I have started doing a very little bit of training with Risk, not anything serious just little bits of fun, playing with his tuggy toys, little bits of basic obedience, learning lefts and rights, practising waits, and balance tricks on his peanut ball and wobble board, which he loves. We have also been lucky enough to be invited to two fab sessions with Nancy and Leah, just puppy foundation and was really pleased with how good Risk was, and how much he enjoyed it.

As the clocks have now changed - which is just great as its SO much lighter for longer, we will probably do a few more agility practice in the garden - I am so so pleased that we looked for a big garden when looking to move house, not just for agility but its so much fun to watch Risk and usually Kiah, having the room to play properly whenever they feel like it!! We may start doing some more proper training after Easter, but not before a couple of what are going to be great fun - and really quite big - proper season agility shows, Risk socialising some more, Kiah competing, and watch this space, nearer to the summer, even Davy might start his agility career!!

Friday, 23 March 2012

And The Season Starts Again!!

So back to the early morning starts and driving to a field in the middle of nowhere - but we wouldnt change it, and the first one of the season is always a bit special, catching up with people after what seems like an age!! It is the same every year, but what made it better was that it was Risk's first show too - to socialise, and a perfect venue to do so - indoors, outdoors, through arch ways, flappy tents, different textures and surfaces, noise, other dogs, and bless him little mister confident took it all in his stride, which I was just so pleased with, of course it will continue at further shows but its a great start, very proud of my little man.

The other fantastic thing about this venue, is the exercise area. I say fantastic, because so many show locations really are lacking in anywhere decent to walk, and in my view part of going to an agility show is taking the time to chill out, some early mornings, or at a quiet time during the day, or early dusky evening, and have a pleasant walk. Even more so in Davy and Yahoo's case, as much as we take them around the show venues etc, its so nice to take all of them on a good couple of walks.

Kiah was great, she was a little bit insane - but could I expect anything different, as much as she can be so frustrating, I love the mental 'want to do' attitude and it just makes you laugh!! We had a bit of a disaster on our second run, it was indoors and it was my fault, as I hadn't given her a proper rest in the van before, so the whole build up was unstructured and eventually ended up in us doing a couple of contacts and kindly thanking the judge before leaving the ring. Indoors can be more frantic as its all a bit stressful, but Kiah is usually pretty good, so I must remember that for next time, that if Kiah is a little tired (bit like her owner?!) then its best to just let her chill out for a little while... as she is doing in my hat here hey Kiah bear... this picture always makes me laugh!!

She was however really good on our two outdoor runs which were first and last, they were two courses set by the same judge, spread out but still challenging, unfortunately the first course went from a long jump to a tunnel, and my delayed reactions sent her in the wrong end!! The last run was our best of the day which the video just won't load for unfortunately!! I had a few timing issues up at the top of the course, and we got two refusals, but Kiah's jumping was great, weave entry too, a great go on at the end, and no poles down - it was a great way to finish the day.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Oops... Late Happy Birthday!!

Poor Yahoo... we completely forgot his birthday which was the week before last, on the 9th, so a very Happy Birthday orange dog / old man / stinkus / stubborn git!! I would get him something yummy for his dinner, but the consequences are unthinkable, bless him he seems to have developed a sensitive stomach, so maybe just a few extra treats and biscuits for him instead!!

Yahoo has just turned 13 and isn't doing too bad, sleeps during most of the day now though still gets up for his meals so not completely past it. This picture was taken just a couple of weeks ago, so he's still looking as distinguished as ever after a good groom. We think that he is more than likely deaf now or certainly acts it even more than he used to (if that's possible!), however he still also manages a big long walk with the rest of us every week, either getting drenched on the beach, around the lakes, or trekking in the forest, so is still enjoying himself, bless him, there's life in the old dog yet!!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Honeymoon Part 3!!

Thursday morning we woke up to the sun shining, and a fairly early start, to easily jump on to the A30 to start our hour's journey towards Cornwall with the dogs. We have been there before but it is a stunning county and is just a fantastic place to visit, all the towns and villages, and things to see and do, but especially the beaches. Once into the town, we found ourselves a very short walk down towards Fistral beach, very famous for its stunning North Coast waves and surf. On that morning the tide was out - not disappointing as there was plenty of soft yellow sand to play on, and of course there were still waves, just a bit further out - and apart from a few devoted surfers, the whole place was just so peaceful and quiet.

We spent a good couple of hours down on the beach, if nothing else but to enjoy the sunshine, it was just so warm it was a bit surreal and a bit spring-like, and very different to back home!! The dogs loved it, splashing about in the rock pools, climbing up the slate rock formations, and just generally messing about, and having fun. The rest of the day was spent in the town centre, and sampling the indulgent delights of the West Country - cornish pasty, cream tea, and yummy pub evening meal, before our journey home the following morning.

Of course the camera came too on our adventures, on Thursday and from our days throughout the week (after a good charge most nights before!!), we even got a few of us two together - I wish it was that I had taught Kiah to take pictures which would be really useful, but its really the timer function!! I must admit that we do end up taking so many pictures and we don't always end up printing a lot of them, but its just great to have them all as a reminder each time we look at them, of the best time of our lives. However, there are a few truly special ones which are going to be printed and forever remembered as the best memory of a truly fantastic week.