Saturday, 17 March 2012

Oops... Late Happy Birthday!!

Poor Yahoo... we completely forgot his birthday which was the week before last, on the 9th, so a very Happy Birthday orange dog / old man / stinkus / stubborn git!! I would get him something yummy for his dinner, but the consequences are unthinkable, bless him he seems to have developed a sensitive stomach, so maybe just a few extra treats and biscuits for him instead!!

Yahoo has just turned 13 and isn't doing too bad, sleeps during most of the day now though still gets up for his meals so not completely past it. This picture was taken just a couple of weeks ago, so he's still looking as distinguished as ever after a good groom. We think that he is more than likely deaf now or certainly acts it even more than he used to (if that's possible!), however he still also manages a big long walk with the rest of us every week, either getting drenched on the beach, around the lakes, or trekking in the forest, so is still enjoying himself, bless him, there's life in the old dog yet!!

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