Sunday, 27 September 2009


One evening this week I noticed that Kiah had developed a bit of a limp the poor little mite, though there is nothing I can think of that she has done to cause it. She certainly didn't seem to feel sorry for herself, limp or not, silly Mally! Well for her own benefit she was immediately confined to rest and on lead walks only (not impressed!) and by Friday she looked a lot more sound which I was pleased about and I'm pretty sure it was something minor. I didn't want to take any risks though, so we didn't go to the agility show that I'd entered, I don't care about the money or missed runs or anything; Kiah's health and wellbeing will always come first. She is also going to the chiropractor tomorrow afternoon for a check up and treatment just to make sure everything is ok, then a week's rest, and we will see how she is for the Norfolk show.

So there are always SOME benefits can come out of not going to agility, my house is now spotlessly clean from top to bottom - I'm sure as Kiah is moulting it won't stay like it long! Alex and I also had a great night out with Dave and Candice on Saturday evening; bowling, arcade games, air hockey, a nice meal and maybe just a FEW cocktails too, was rather nice! Then today has been a relaxing day, I had a very long lie in, went on a couple of walks with Kiah in the lovely sunshine, then Rusty and Tia came around for a quick visit (see picture; Kiah, Rusty, Tia beautiful girls) so play time for the terrible two - Tia and Kiah - and a bit more chilling this evening, lovely!

Monday, 21 September 2009

Feeling A Bit 'Ruff'

Over the weekend (bad timing!) I seem to have developed a stinky cold which isn't very pleasant at all, it even came on without much warning I usually get a sore throat a couple of days before hand which helps me ward it off! I always find that despite a cold only being a simple virus it always has the power to make you feel awful for about a week, so I will be glad when it has gone.

Lots of well dones this weekend to people that have been at agility shows - Lisa with Meme, Nancy with Zeki, Jo with Keisha, and lots of others that I can't recall, but big congratulations to everyone, there has been a lot of people winning out recently! We didn't enter anything this weekend, which I think was good in a way as I don't think I would have been able to do any kind of courses justice, let alone manage to breathe properly!! It has been very warm this weekend which has been lovely, and being outside seems to have cleared my head more rather than being stuck indoors. So apart from the stinky cold, this weekend has been really nice, including lots of water, lots of rest, washing and making my car look all shiny and clean, and Kiah has used up a lot of her excess no-agility-energy having a good play with Tia and Rusty, as we met up with Dave and Candice for two long walks in the sunshine.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Day of Rest

Today Kiah and I have had a lazy day, it has been really nice as we drove down to visit my mum, and we have had a great day not doing a lot at all! So this morning just me and Kiah took a half an hour walk down to the beach while mum rested her legs before lunch, Kiah had a great 'mad five minute' run around on the sand as the tide was out! The weather looks quite stormy here but it really wasnt, just a bit cloudy, slightly breezy and still reasonably warm for September.

Lunch was really nice and quite healthy too, but rather filling so after we had washed and tidied up all three of us had a chill out afternoon, reading and making time for a quick snooze, but we thought that we had better go for another walk to burn off at least some of our dinner! So the second walk was with mum this time, again down to the beach, Kiah loves showing off by jumping and running along the sea defences which always makes passers-by laugh it is usually kids that do that! We then headed back through the sheltered gardens; Kiah was jumping over the sides of the pond and getting to play with her toy so she got to do a replicated form of agility a little bit at least! So all in all a very enjoyable, fun, not very active, but quite relaxing weekend!

Brains and Beauty

Yesterday we were at the Richmond breed show and Kiah ended up coming 2nd in her class so very proud of her. Must say a big well done to Ann who got the CC with Deepha!! Kiah wasn't too impressed that we in a HUGE field and yet there were no jumps, no tunnels, no precious contact equipment ;) but I think she still had a good time. This was her morning run around in the grounds of the show which were just lovely, shame my phone pic didn't come out too well. Kiah was ever so good in the show ring, it was nice to catch up with everyone and Mali friends too, and of course testing out the free samples of fish treats, offered at Kiah nose level!! We surprisingly saw quite a lot of agility people in the breed rings (home from home hehe) but haven't heard any results from anyone, but hopefully lots of people did well, fingers crossed.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Kiah's Won Into Grade 5!!!!!

Somewhere that I never genuinely believed that we would get to, my beautiful princess Kiah has pulled out all the stops for me this weekend, and won her grade four agility class!!! I have to say the course was NOT Kiah's forte at all, with a very tight three jump start and quite a lot of handling bits which I usually end up messing up. But yesterday, Kiah was awesome right from the start, and when I saw that she forced herself to clear those first three jumps - which was really difficult for her to do due to the spacing - I realised that I would have to give it more than my all, as she certainly was and I was so pleased with a clear, let alone winning the class! Big Congratulations must also go to Lisa with Meme for getting that deserved 1st place and winning into grade 4, and also to Dave and Rusty for being her usual brilliant self and getting two 1st places!

Letchworth was a lovely show overall really, I was only there for the Sat/Sun due to work but the organisation was brilliant, weather, camping pitch, exercise areas were all really nice. At the end of today we came home with three lovely glass trophies (all variations on a theme for different days), one for her grade four win, another for coming third in the 3-5 combined agility yesterday, and another first place for a brilliant run that she did today again in a 3-5 combined agility class, so beating all the grade 5 dogs too! This picture is from that run (a very kind man called Trevor Greenslade took a whole rake of photos) but I love this one you can see the concentration and power in her back legs - she is heading for a tunnel.

I am so proud of Kiah and of what she has achieved, not just because of this weekend's results but throughout her life, growing up, watching her change, her confidence grow and enjoying her agility more and more. Of COURSE she has been spoiled rotten as usual (and why not!), with pigs ears, pizzle sticks, special dinner, all sorts :)))) but she deserves every last second of it!!!