Monday, 8 December 2008

Not Impressed

I am seriously not happy today, went to bed all bunged up and woke up this morning (after having very little sleep anyway) with a blocked nose, stuffy head and stinking cold, I have only recently got rid of the last one about a month ago! So unlike a lot of people who think they are martyrs going in to work and passing it around to everyone else, I am at home trying to get rid of it and not sharing! Oh and just to add to that, there seems to be something wrong with my internet, so I can't actually get on to ANY of the 'blogspot' sites, every other website that you can think of is fine though. I have absolutely no idea why, and the service provider's 'technical support team' are next to useless.

Anyway, enough of my whinging. The walk that Kiah and I went on with Lisa (and Angela again too) yesterday in Selsdon was lovely, really sunny and clear blue sky, but very frosty and crunchy underfoot as you can see in these photos, so a little bit chilly in the shade of the trees and forest, not that it seemed to bother Kiah about playing in it! I am 100% certain this walk was not the cause of my cold though. I am keeping my fingers and everything crossed (as well as taking lots of vitamins and cold/flu relief) that I will have managed to shake this off by Saturday so I can go to the Rugby agility show!!


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