Monday, 22 December 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday Kiah!

It is Kiah's 3rd birthday today, I can't believe my little girl has grown up this quickly!! She has had a lovely day with lots of treats and walks, as well as getting to play with her friend Tia who is staying today. She has just had her dinner, and will be having her main birthday present, a lovely raw rump steak in a little while.

From the moment I picked Kiah when she was just a cute little puppy at 4 weeks old (this picture was the one that sold it for me she was and is just beautiful), to this stunning, well balanced (well not at agility!) all round amazing dog who I am proud to call my own. Happy Birthday Kiah-pups!!


Zindelijk BSDs said...

Happy Birthday Ki-Pi from Lisa and your hairy friends x

Heather Watson said...

She is a beautiful Dog!