Sunday, 23 November 2008

A Great Walk

I had a days' holiday from work on Friday so myself, Alex and Kiah met up with Lisa and her 7 dogs (5 belgians, 1 GSD and 1 sheltie!), and Angela and her 5 dogs (poodles!) for a long and enjoyable walk in the forest and fields, the weather stayed fab too. I brought my digital camera along with me, and we got loads of pictures of all the dogs having fun and some group shots too. Kiah had a wonderful day you could see it in her smiley face, she adores being able to run around and play with other dogs like this, but especially Lisa's as they all love chasing her over the fields and through the trees and bushes! She also made a new friend on the walk, Angela's small white poodle Lex who joined in the chasing games too!

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