Thursday, 11 October 2012

Warm Walkies

A few weeks ago there were a stunningly warm few days including the weekend, so we spent a lovely morning with friends walking the dogs for a couple of hours, in the local country park.  We had recently purchased a new-to-us DSLR camera from a friend, again a Canon as we really like the brand and the quality, but this time a 40d, an update on our older 350d, so we thought we would take it and try it out.  The dogs had a great time playing with their friends, racing along the sandy lanes, in the cooler forest, across the greens, through the streams, and most importantly downhill on the offroad cycle paths - obviously when no bikes were around, a lot of fun.  The new camera did good too, we got some good photos of our three and our friends three as well, this is one of my favourite ones - you can see them bursting out of their wait, and the focus in their eyes as they heard their 'ok' release command!!

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