Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Vyne Agility Show

The Bank Holiday just gone was another show at Newbury, a one day show this time, it was nice as I managed to have a lie in on both weekend days, spend loads of free time with the dogs, and I also got quite a lot of well needed house work done though that won't be happening too often! Anyway back to the agility, it was nice as Alex had managed to get the day off work so he could come to the show too yay. He also brought Yahoo who came along for the ride and a day out, so with a chilly early start we met Lisa on the way there, and convoyed up for some of the journey.

Well we both did a fair bit of ring party in the morning, so it gave the dogs a bit of a chance to chill out in the car in their new cage (which they both seem to like) and my first run was the Grade 3 agility at about lunch time. Kiah was running amazingly well again, shame about the handler who let her down just by not being 'flowing' enough with my handling and taking a pole. A friend of mine won the class and when I went up to congratulate them on their win, she told me that Kiah and the winner Flick had EXACTLY the same time, so really pleased as I had done touch and go contacts in that class so I know Kiah could have been a little faster. In our other two runs I let Kiah down in the jumping class through rubbish handling and commands that I don't even use, and again pleased with Kiah in the ABC run with held contacts, lovely running and just me messing up the A Frame - tunnel combo. But still I am certainly not disappointed, very pleased with how she is working, she's obviously having a great time which is the main thing (and so am I), and really looking forward to a two day show next weekend!!

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