Thursday, 14 May 2009

Tunbridge Wells & Presents For Kiah

Just a quick blog update before the next weekend (not that I'm complaining!), the agility this weekend wasn't too successful, on Saturday all of our runs were first in and early-ish running orders too, so it was still a bit slippery underfoot. Skiddy ground always worries me a bit with Kiah, because she is so bonkers and fast, the third obstacle was weaves where she managed to slip in the second weave, spin around the whole pole and come out. So we didn't start off on a very good note, and I think maybe she perhaps wasn't feeling 100% after that, because in her next two runs she really bashed some of the poles down. After a good night's rest in her own bed (show very near to home, lovely!) Sunday was a lot better, Kiah was running well and being careful with the poles like she has been for the last few weekends, we just had silly mistakes like poles and early commands, must train the handler better!

I have bought Kiah a few extra presents recently for being SO good at her agility (of course she is always good, is certainly spoiled and gets presents anyway!) including a nice new brown and cream fluffy bed which she seems to love, also two new agility collars that are the same - as that trade stand don't do many agility shows, and a new every day walks lead. They are all in purple and/or with black, the colours really suit her, and she will be sporting her new collar this weekend at the one day agility show that we have on Saturday.

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