Monday, 25 May 2009

Great Shows, Great Results!

Really great news this weekend about the championship class that has been won by Dave and the superstar Malinois Rusty!! So the first part of this post must be a huge CONGRATULATIONS to them for winning their very first CC, having what I hear was an astounding and unbeatable run in the Championship Finals at Nottingham, very well deserved and the first of many I am sure!

But this weekend my little mally Kiah has also done me proud, with a 3rd in her Grade 3 jumping on the first day of the show up at Packington, and an even better result today, though a lower place, we got a 4th in a 3-4-5 combined agility class which I am so pleased with up against all the higher grades, she was really running well!! A slightly embarrassing note was that I probably held Kiah's contacts that bit too long for a qualifying round - as she was less than a second behind the winning time so I must start practising contact releases in training for use in the future. So we didn't qualify with a fourth place, but I really don't mind, I am so proud of Kiah today, for holding her own and just being her. This round was kindly videoed (hopefully attached!) by a friend Michelle who happened to be by the ring, and the video is just great, I don't get to see many of Kiah running so thank you so much!!

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