Wednesday, 20 May 2009

BATS Agility

Had a nice one day agility show this weekend at the BATS show up in Luton, no clears again this weekend which was a bit of a shame as this was the same show where Kiah-Pie won out of G1, but really pleased with Kiah again, just a little disappointed in my own inept handling therefore a lot of poles hitting the deck. I also think Kiah needs to go to the chiropractor when I can get an appointment (the good ones are just so busy!) just to check that she is all ok and not sore anywhere as she hasn't been for a while.

I was pleased with one of Kiah's runs especially, as it was a four jump start which pointed them straight at the tunnel at the end, though you had to call them off that and go another way, I thought it was a little mean for G3 but I enjoy a challenge. Well Kiah was brill, listening and she was running well and cleanly, listening to my scrappy commands and bless her turning left when I said left - though I meant right! The only problem we had here was the handler getting poor Kiah E'd cause we went one jump too far! Anyway, we had fun!

I've seen a question posted recently about whether 'agility is fun' well yes, it certainly is for me and Kiah. I know I don't have to justify myself, but I see a lot of people not always having fun with their dogs, and I just think that agility is just a hobby and you should enjoy what ever you decide to do with your spare time. Not going clear in agility I suppose can be frustrating but I don't see the point in getting like that, I have enough frustrations at work and agility is just for fun. So, Kiah and I have a GREAT time EVERY round, and she gets a fun game of get-it-raggy every time we get to the end of a run. And of course she gets plenty of treats, toys and spoiling whether we were E'd at the very first jump or we went clear and won the class, cause I know we had fun and she tried her heart out for me and that's all that matters!

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