Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Spring at Shuttleworth

What a great weekend, very positive on all counts! After the minor frustration at the beginning of the weekend (Friday evening) of how to actually GET to the show as the M25 had serious accidents on it in both directions, once Kiah and I safely made it there eventually at about 10.30pm, I was ready for the weekend, and after a bit of a chill out, cup of tea, unload the car and quick hello's to my friends, I bedded down in my new selk bag (practical, yet oh so much fun!) and duvet, toasty warm and definitely slept well!! The rest of the weekend was just as good as the first night's sleep, catching up with loads of friends and dogs that I hadn't seen in ages, seeing and meeting all the Malinois puppies (not at all jealous ;)!), and the awesome weather too, as it is always nicer and puts everyone in a better mood!

It was Kiah's first G3 show so I was a little nervous of what to expect of the courses, but she ran well and I was pleased with most of her runs. As a friend of mine summed it up, there is definitely a 'little more' to the courses in G3, very true but a nice challenge too, certainly not complaining. There was just one agility course where Kiah didn't seem to really be listening properly to me, and also ran around the tyre rather than going through it, but that was no doubt partly my fault for not giving her the proper signals. The best run of the weekend was definitely our very last run - ABC agility, Kiah was running lovely, very fast and accurate...shame about her handler! Two jumps from home, I failed to call Kiah early enough to navigate her straight onto the dog walk so I pulled her back to run up it safely - I think she would have had a top place in that one but never mind! This picture is of Kiah in that ABC run, Jan had come down to the show, so was there with her camera and managed to get some great shots, I love seeing Kiah in action so thank you. I will have to remember to take my camera next weekend, as we are off to Cornwall for a long Easter weekend - for the fab beaches of course, as well as the agility!

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