Sunday, 19 April 2009

Wallingford Wow!!!!!!!

This weekend has just been phenomenal, and I cannot explain how happy or how proud I am of my little star Kiah, she has run fabulously, had great results and I'm still on Cloud 9!! Kiah did what I could never imagine, and came FIRST in the qualifying ABC agility, beating 304 other dogs, and so firmly secured her place in the semi-finals!!! I hoped that one day we would get the chance to go to the semi's but not to come in first place to get there!! What makes it even more rewarding is that the class was a 1-7 so she beat all dogs from all other grades, and that she won by over a second too. This picture is a close up of Kiah in her ABC run, three jumps from home!!

Today we also had a great day, still buzzing from Saturday but Kiah was nicely refreshed, and in a very affectionate mood this morning, so I got lots of cuddles! Our first run of the day (again!) was her Grade 3 agility, not a nasty course but I certainly didn't think it was Kiah's 'style'. Because of this, and also as we were a very early running order (8!) the grass and the contacts were still damp/dewy so I ran it a bit more carefully, and held her contacts a little longer. So to end up in 3rd place - her first place since she has moved up into 3, I was more than pleased! Kiah has been spoiled rotten since her wins, well she is always anyway but even more so than normal!


Agilitynat said...

Congratulations Grace. Kiah's runs must have been amazing. I hope you enjoy the semi. I'm getting a little scared with all these youngsters qualifying!! See you soon. Nat

Ulla said...

Wow, well done Grace and Kiah. What an achievement.
Way to go!

ann said...

luckily I just happened to be passing as you were about to go what a fantastic run! Well done to you both. Looking forward to seeing you at Olympia !!
Ann xx

PS love the photo