Saturday, 28 March 2009

One Week to Go!

At this time next week, me and Kiah are going to be at our first proper agility show, and I am so excited! I think it is a combination of new grade classes, and that I know Kiah is working really well at the moment, and that it is the start of months of fun! I don't mind if we don't go clear (though I would love to get some places) but as long as we both enjoy it. I hope an order has been put in for nice weather too, cause today we have had some hail - though fortunately on our walks, me and the dogs have thankfully missed getting a soaking.

Also just a quick update on how Yahoo is continuing to settle in, he seems to be more than happy here and him and Kiah seem to get on well, he knows who is boss ;) but aren't all of the female of the species lol?! He has been on a diet too, so is a much better weight now, and has been to our local vet who have checked him over and said he is very healthy for a 10 year old retriever, and certainly doesn't have cataracts, which is great news.

This picture was taken last week on one of our long walks - one of the few pictures we have where Yahoo isn't soaking wet after deciding the lake deserves his presence though it is a challenge sometimes to keep him OUT of it! Fortunately our walks today didn't involve any lakes but a long lead walk, and nice run around at the park. Yahoo is currently sleeping in the hallway downstairs on his bed, fast asleep and making squeak-squirrel-chase noises, while Kiah is upstairs, snuggly up in a ball, catching some Z's on my bed!!

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