Sunday, 15 February 2009

Valentines Weekend

This weekend has been a really good one, no one reason in particular but I have enjoyed every minute of it. Yesterday was Valentines day, Alex and I (and the dogs too of course) didn't do anything special but we did get to spend it together as he wasn't working, he also bought me a lovely red rose bush which was really sweet of him, as he knew the one in the front garden isn't looking too healthy! He also thought it would last longer than cut flowers - obviously hasn't yet realised my inability to look after plants ;)!

Anyway today has been good too, though unfortunately Alex was at work today, so I spent the day with the dogs. It was a fairly early start as Yahoo was at the groomers this morning, he looks sooo much better than he did, Gina did a brilliant job (K9 Kuts - 01342 718356) the picture here is of him after he came back though he wasn't in the mood to look at the camera, more interested in his toy! Kiah and I haven't had much of a chance to go out walking together since Yahoo has been over due to me always running out of time, so while he was being groomed, Kiah and I went up to the forest park for a long walk. For a bit of practice and to teach her about using and knowing what her back legs are doing (but mainly just for fun) we always go and find the fallen trees, stumps or cut down trunks so that Kiah can climb all over them, she loves jumping up even when I don't ask her to, and she is such a show off she always gets attention from anyone walking past. Some of these usually provide a quick photo opportunity too :)!!

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