Thursday, 12 February 2009

Settling In, and an 'Alarming' Issue

First of all the good news, Yahoo has met up with Kiah now, as of Saturday morning over on nice neutral territory, and they got on very well, so for the last few days he has been settling in here at home very well, and Kiah and him are slowly becoming friends. As they have both been 'only' dogs, they like each others' company but also both respect each others' space too which is great. We went over the local park as well as the forest and lake over the weekend, and they had a great time, Kiah even followed Yahoo into the shallows of the lake for a swim/play/stick fetch! The picture shows Kiah not looking very impressed, but thats not cause of Yahoo, she just hates having her photo taken and will turn away, move, shut her eyes or put her ears down at any opportunity!

So I was trying to be funny with the title...I dont think it really worked! Anyway the 'alarming' news is just about my car. It drives really nicely and it is in brilliant condition, there is just one small (but rather annoying) issue with the alarm, which keeps going off. Unfortunately I seem to have the courtesy car more than my car at the moment. I can't complain too much, at least my car has a good security system, just seems to be a little over sensitive! The garage is being very good about fixing it and sorting it out for me, I just can't wait until it is finally fixed, and I can get it back and enjoy driving it again.

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Zindelijk BSDs said...

You'll have to change your blog name, great picture the way Yahoo is looking at his new grilfriend.
Good luck with your car X