Sunday, 1 February 2009

First Show/Snow Of The Year!!

Yesterday we were at the C-Side show which was great to be out and about and catching up with everyone, and Alex wasn't working so he came along, and he learned how to help on the ring party too, apart from getting a bit cold I think he quite enjoyed it, meeting lots of new people and seeing what fun agility shows really are. So Kiah was kind of off her head, I dont think being indoors helps really, the first two runs we had were a little out of control to say the least, but the second two were a lot better, just a pole down in the agility, and a couple of basic errors in the jumping thanks to me, so fairly pleased with how Kiah worked. Training today however was another story, but I think both me and Kiah will write that off as a bad day, with homework to do.

Anyway apart from that, today has been a really nice day, this morning we three had a lovely walk up at the local forest park, through the woods and past the golf course, and taking some pictures along the way. Then we did some tidying and weeding of the front garden/driveway, and not long after we finished that, the SNOW started falling, and settling too!! It was lovely to see it just makes everything look so picturesque, and 'proper snow' is a bit of a rarity round this way at least, so after dinner, we decided to build a snowman on the verge outside the front garden, with full scarf, and hat, and carrot nose. Here is Kiah in front of our creation!!

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