Thursday, 5 February 2009

My New Car!!

Well, I have saved up for the last year or so, and I have bought myself a new (-to-me) car, slightly more suitable for agility and for Kiah too, its a Vauxhall still, but its a couple of years newer and is a Vectra Estate. It is in my favourite car colour too, its dark grey, it seems really common now but I used to own a different car in this colour a few years ago and have always liked it before it was popular. So as of this evening, my little blue Astra go-kart ;) has been sold as a part-ex. That car did me well, very reliable, and it certainly wasn't old being an 03 plate, but now I have my nice new estate now, with lots of room, and all ready to go for the new agility season too!

Kiah never really used to be a big fan of the back of cars (and especially not the rear windscreen wipers!), so once I picked the Vectra up after work, she spent some of this evening getting familiar with the car, we will be doing a few short trips in it again so I can ease her in gently to get used to it. I will also be getting a cage, or tailgate/boot guards for it too, so Kiah can travel in comfort, style and safety ;)!! Cause it was so dark though once we got home, I haven't got any pictures of my car yet, so here is a picture of Kiah taken (on my mobile) last Sunday at our local park, it was a really pleasant start to the day, sunny and quite mild too, you wouldnt believe it but this was the morning of the day the heavy snow started!

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