Sunday, 1 April 2012

Easy Like Sunday Morning

The dogs and I have the house to ourselves for today (well and last night) as Alex and a friend Jason are off on a 'boys day' doing landrover things, it has actually been quite pleasant - I do miss him a lot, but its still nice just to have the odd day of me time. Mind you, not that we have done much, all the boring housey things have to be done like washing, cleaning, tidying, dusting and vacuuming, but there is a small element of 'feel good factor', seeing it nice and tidy when its done!!

This morning was very peaceful though, after getting up to give the dogs their breakfast as their normal routine during the week, I went back to bed - and so did the dogs (on our bed!!) and had a wonderful lie in, just for about an hour and a half but it just felt like I had the BEST nights sleep!! After a shower, I took the three youngsters out for a long walk around the local park/forest, it was nice and quiet as it was still fairly early, so it wasn't too hot either. Its not an easy walk - on purpose - as there are a lot of big hills which we try to 'power walk' up when we do this walk, but its a good feeling when you get to the other side, a bit of an achievement.

So after a quick detour to have a nosey at a new pet shop that has opened up nearby - and buy the dogs a pigs ear each, for later on - it was nice to come and chill for the afternoon too. Its a beautiful sunny and warm evening, the dinner is already on, the house is tidy and the dogs are sleeping... just one person missing - due home soon - but its a pretty good day :)))

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