Monday, 23 April 2012

Lazy Monday

Today I have had the day off work and its been fairly lazy so far... its been really nice not being at work on a manic-Monday, and it would be lovely to do it more often!!  As you can see the dogs have been taking full advantage of my day off... by stealing all the sofa spots!!  There has been a reason for my day off though, as we are having our cavity walls insulated - we've already done the loft ourselves as I've posted about before - but there are government subsidies available, so we took advantage of the deal, and I hope we will start to notice the difference; a little to help the bills, and to help save the environment a little too.


Command Control said...

The Belgian Malinois is a beautiful, short-coated variety of the shepherd dog. All dogs are looking great and will be a good protection dogs.

Kate said...

Hi, great malinois :) I also have one, we doing IPO and frisbee :)