Saturday, 14 April 2012

Chilly Easter Weekend!!

It was a well looked forward to four day weekend, a lovely relaxing pleasant Friday and with agility booked in for the middle two weekend days - so after a beautiful week the week before, it was slightly typical that the morning of the show was grey, and rainy and actually quite cold. Probably usual weather for March/April but I think the British way is that we're so un-used to getting such lovely weather, we crave it when its here but yet its so disappointing when it goes again. This show is close to home which is great and meant no camping, as much as I enjoy camping it is nice to get home of an evening, especially when its not sunny and warm, to relax properly!!

The first day of the weekend, we had some fab runs which I was really pleased with, a qualifier that unfortunately we messed up - the start was awesome as there was a spread that Kiah turned over safely but really well, and her contacts were great too, but then we unfortunately pulled off a tunnel, she is SO responsive that sometimes she just won't commit to a tunnel properly, more training required on that!! No poles down on that course either, always a good thing too. We did even have a clear too in another run, which I was so pleased with, it was messy as I just couldn't keep up, but so pleased with Kiah - it was a fantastic course set by Mand Pigg, very different to the usual 'pull in/go round' that is quite often seen, but just awesome, an enjoyable challenge, but really let the dogs stretch out.

On the second day, all our three runs came up at once in the mid afternoon, a little frustrating as all three rings were busy at once, but there were some ok courses, so not so bad waiting for! There was a funny (in a good way) tunnels and jumps helter skelter, which was another nice spread out ring, even though after three tunnels in a row, Kiah just couldn't believe we had to do one final one, so there was a couple of refusals on that!! Our best run was in the agility, quite a simple course but some clever traps, set by Andrew Dicker, though unfortunately we just had a pole down around a corner, but pleased with Kiah overall, really listening. At the end of the weekend Alex had even bought me two little gifts - he spoiled Kiah and Risk with new fleece plaited agility leads in their respective purple/lilac and orange/black, I love them!!

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