Saturday, 14 July 2012


I haven't updated in ages again, unfortunately boring things like work have been getting in the way, anyway the next show we went to (in order!) was the weekend show Thames up at the Newbury showground - and unfortunately YET again we had decided not to camp due to the probably not surprising, but disappointing weather forecast for the weekend... Thankfully (but rarely) it was for once quite incorrect, as the weather on both days was reasonable and even a little bit of sun - but I didn't mind as its nice to get home to my own bed, and without fail, Kiah sleeps better too.

I was pleased with the way Kiah had been working in training at the time, she was still as looney as ever (and highly unlikely to ever change!) but listening to me and actually thinking about things rather than just belting around as fast as she possibly can. I find at shows too we are a better team if we just spend a few minutes before our run, playing and messing around (as well as our warm up) and stopping for a few photos in this case, smiley pretty girl.  There does seem to be quite a fine line between us working well and not so much, silly little things such as timing, and delivery of my commands really does make a difference.  As much as she is a loon she does always listen to me, but sometimes almost 'too much' which gets me in more trouble!!

Anyway there weren't many courses over the weekend that I was particularly impressed by, though in our very first run we had a fairly impressive clear round - I say impressive because it was the messiest clear in time, that I think we have ever done!!  I didn't want to push Kiah hard around it, due to a couple of what were almost dangerous angles for fast/silly dogs, so we took it easy, very easy. I waited until she was long committed to contacts before crossing behind and catching her up, I even forgot to do any kind of cross at one point, so had to do a weird spin to ensure she could get a proper take off for the long jump!  So I think it was slightly representative of the type of course, when I just by complete chance I thought I would have a look at the times - and what had won - and saw Kiah's name in a very respectable 10th place, bless her my clever girl its a good job we checked!!  So, a nice show as the sun shone a little, a lovely purple rosette for Kiah, a pretty good weekend :)))

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