Sunday, 15 July 2012

Sunshiney Weekend!!

We had a week off from shows near the end of June, to relax and spend time at home, and to just catch up on house things.  As it was a beautiful sunny blue-sky-day from the dawn, we decided with the help of Alex's mum to get our garden in a bit of order.  It was actually quite rewarding, tidying, weeding, grass cutting and strimming, hacking back the bushes, really pleased with the end result. So no pictures of dogs this time even though they were enjoying the garden too (thankfully, say Davy and Yahoo as they hate having their pictures taken!!), just a few pictures that I took, of some beautiful flowers that we are lucky enough to have in our garden.  Just wish I could work out some better formatting for the pictures instead of having them in a big list!!

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