Sunday, 15 July 2012


Another weekend show, this time at a different showground - slightly nearer to home, just under an hour away - so no problem with daytripping in fact quite nice (and a shorter journey than I do to work on a daily basis so really just a mere stroll!), I don't think I need to mention the reason why we weren't camping for yet another time.  It could have been worse - that I keep forcing to remind myself, as there was a little bit of sun, along with the rain and quite a lot of gusty wind!!

It always concerns me a bit when I end up walking a course differently to others, I suppose more wonder than concern, but there must be a reason why everyone is going the same way!! So one course in question, I hadn't seen more than about nine or ten people go the way I picked, but I stuck to my original plan, and when I came to queue to run - and watch others, I realised that my way would provide a far better line for Kiah, and not pull her off course - which was exactly what it did, so I was pleased with my choice.  There can be so much or so little to agility, one of many things I enjoy about the sport, it can be as big, small, or as 'anything' as you want it to be.

I think we were a little bit unlucky with some of our runs at this show, I was super pleased with how Kiah was working on both days, though by Sunday we did have a couple of those 'looney' moments that we do see every now and again!!  Generally a nice selection of courses, but some silly errors - one great fast jumping course with loads of tunnels, really fun - where we had a pole, there was another when we messed up the weave (but got the entry!) on a course that would have been great, and another pole in a fast fun jumping course, then the second pole in an agility course as I 'snatched' at a turn, arrgh!!  Oh well, a learning curve - onwards and upwards, Kiah didn't realise or mind that we didn't get any clears this week, this was a picture of her in one of the blasty courses, having a fantastic time!!

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