Sunday, 24 June 2012

Very Clever Dogs - 1 of 2!!

The first weekend in June was always going to be an exciting one - Alex had finally bitten the bullet to enter shows, and this was Davy's first ever agility competition!!  After me having a day off - on a surprisingly warm summers day - to get our sliding windows and tinting done on the van (which look fantastic) and Alex having a half day at work, for once we hooked up the caravan relatively early on Friday afternoon... and then promptly got stuck in slow-moving traffic for about an extra hour!!  Thankfully the rest of the journey wasn't too painful, and we got there easily.

The first day of the show started off pretty great, not the worst weather we have seen of late, a little bit windy and quite sunny most of the time, so can't complain. It was exciting reading two sets of running orders, with Alex and Davy's names on the page - as well as mine and Kiah's, and the way the classes ran, it wasn't going to be us in the ring first.  So after about an hour or so it was make or break time... not really as it was just going to be a brilliant run no matter what, due to the hard work Alex has put in, to train the laziest dog on earth.  Well there was no need for anyone to worry, Davy didn't hesitate one bit, powered up the line, listened to Alex's commands, went on to tunnels, and after a fab blind turn by Alex following another excellent tunnel entry, they went clear, absolutely fantastic!!!!  Hopefully attached is a video of their debut, what clever boys!!!

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