Saturday, 9 June 2012

Shiny New Treat :)))

We have treated ourselves to a new (newer) van, as much as our blue van has done us very well, it was our first van and it wasn't *quite* what we were looking for - if we had ever had a wider choice in picking our first van. So anyway, it has happily gone off to its new dog / agility home, to be another 'first van' for someone and to be loved by its new owner, all good reports so far and lets hope it stays that way!!

Our new van is almost exactly what we were looking for, it is a dark silver-grey, short wheel base, automatic engine, tailgate, air conditioning and came with dog cages - van as modelled by Kiah very nicely here!! The seating arrangement is a little different too - it has 2 single 'captain seats' which means Alex can stretch his legs out instead of having them jammed against the dashboard, not that I have a problem, being a foot shorter than him!!  We have since insulated the van ourselves, and Alex did a good job of swapping the cages between the old and new van - so we still have our combination lock ones which I'm happy with.  Most importantly, the dogs seem to be happy with the new van too, and it has already had its first successful agility show trip, including towing the caravan, all good so far, very pleased with it!!

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