Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tunbridge Wells

Yet another show that unfortunately had to be re-jigged thanks to the weather, the camping was very limited and was on hardstanding roadways only so very frustrating, thankfully for us we were daytripping and had four of our friends staying over to save them camping too, quite a fun evening with a yummy takeaway.  But again we were very grateful for the show to still be running, and typically the sun shone all weekend!!

I have started to notice that with little miss temper tantrum Kiah, in the last few shows, she will run so much better if we are more 'in tune' and I've spent more time with her beforehand, of course I always warm her up etc, but if she just spends a few more minutes with me, not doing anything in particular but just being there, she seems to be a little less feisty!!  Due to the show's weather move, some of the runs were inside, and unfortunately neither of us are great due to the noise and the hype, but there were some good things - a fantastic fast awkward weave entry being one of our best achievements.

They are few and far between this year, but we did get a clear round at this show!!  I'm hoping that the video will attach here.  It was a bit scrappy again - a lot of times I'm getting to a jump almost 'too early' and so when I need to cue Kiah to do something I'm already in front of the obstacle rather than flowing with her, so the judge was generous not giving refusals, but I was pleased with this run how we were working together, and some other good ones too, making it a positive weekend.

I haven't mentioned the boys in a while, oops... they are all still doing well, Yahoo is having his good and bad days, mainly good and enjoying life, and finding the odd tennis ball to death roll on, but I think the weather seems to affect him as cold damp days on old bones doesn't help.  He enjoys the garden though too, very much an independent soul and enjoys sitting outside surveying his patch when the sun shines.  Davy is coming along nicely too, he can be a little sensitive and so still comes out of his shell a little bit at a time with certain things, though he is more brave and can be quite soppy and loving too, on his terms.  He is still the laziest dog I think I know, currently sleeping on the sofa but I think he will always be like that, not that we mind as long as he is happy.  Alex and Davy have been continuing to practise their agility... watch this space as his first agility show is booked and almost upon us!!  Little Risk, well he still looks like an oversized puppy at 8 months, but has filled out a bit, and height wise is only about an inch off Kiah's height, he just needs to mature a little now as he is quite often mistaken for much younger.  He is quite confident, but not very brave when it comes to trying new things he needs a lot of encouragement - we have started little bits of agility with him, send ons, turns, playing, tunnels with his raggy toy and treats, which he is enjoying.  His personality is fantastic, absolutely second to none, loves everyone he meets with his little ewok-wookie noises, which make everyone laugh, and he is very VERY cute, which gets him out of trouble!!  I must get my camera out, and take some more pictures of them all as I haven't done in ages, when the sun comes out for a while longer...

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