Saturday, 14 January 2012

Busy...And Getting Busier

Our celebrations for bringing in the New Year were very enjoyable, but nice and relaxing with a couple of friends and dogs, and watching the spectacular London fireworks from the comfort of a sofa. I guess part of the reason is because it was seeing in the start of the Olympic year so they really did go all out, very impressive and great to watch- but less frightening for the dogs as we were watching on the TV.

That now seems like an age away as we have had SO much to do, and been so busy organising since then!! Aside from the boring bit of having to go back to work, we have got a wedding to finish organising - our own - as it is literally 3 weeks away today, not long at all... Thankfully we are pretty sure that most things are done, just a few last minute bits to sort, and can just look forward to the day, and then a really big party in the evening!!

We have also been on three mega walks with friends and their dogs at the weekends, for fun of course, but to keep the dogs fit, try and get us fit, and to help socialise little Riskles - not that he needs it, confident little puppy!! Of course Risk is carried some of the way, as its a long way for his little legs. Twice we have been to the beach and then once to the forest, fab opportunities for photos - and both times I have forgotten the camera, though we are going again tomorrow so will try to remember it this time.

Today to just continue the busy-ness, Alex and a good friend have been working fantastically re-doing our garden fencing, it is looking really good - it was put up quickly by the previous owners and was becoming brittle. Anyway I've been out in the garden too (supervising?!?!) with the dogs who have been playing on the frosty ground and the sunshine - the perfect opportunity for photos so I thought I'd get the camera out as I haven't in ages. A few good ones came out but the one posted here is my absolute favourite, Kiah and Risk having a fab time playing!!

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