Sunday, 22 January 2012

Walky Weekends

Continuing with the walks that we have been doing, today and yesterday have been no exception!! Yesterday brought us over to the forest again, and as it was slightly overcast to start with, there weren't too many people there so us and the dogs had a great time. There were 11 dogs in total - 8 gundogs, a shepherd and two collie-somethings!! We even actually remembered the camera - this group shot was taken at the end of the walk - usually slightly more chance of getting the dogs to sit still as they were belting around having fun!! I do even feel slightly less unfit than before, which is great, a bit of a bonus.

Otherwise we have just been continuing with the wedding plans, the final fitting has been done so everything will be ready for collection the day before 'the big day'...only two weeks away now!!! As much as we are both looking forward to it, I think after the day is over, it will be time for a rest, not that I am wishing it away, but it will be a big stress causer that we no longer have to worry about. Less stressed happy humans!!

Mind you, then anyway it will mean back thinking about agility shows - I've already entered one in March and another in April so it won't be long til they come around and spring is here. Even though they take up a lot of weekends, they are so relaxing and we are quite excited about them again - I even overheard Alex say that he is looking forward to them, not that he will admit it!! The dogs are all good too, Kiah was awesome at training the first week back, Davy has been measured obviously large so is officially allowed to enter competitions, Risk is really getting good at recalls and playing raggy out on a walk too which is great, and Yahoo is over his bug so is back to his old retrievery self and joining us on walks again... Happy and well doggies too :)))

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