Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day Walkies

So Christmas day was great fun, after a chilled quiet walk in the morning with the dogs - if then a bit of a challenge trying to make sure everything comes out of the oven at once!! I was lucky enough to get some fantastic presents, a couple of CD's for the car, a new bright purple dressing gown, but also some awesome new Back on Track products, and a 'Springs Things' massage rug for Kiah which is rather cool. The dogs of course shared in the festivities, with their own presents - bones, hooves, pigs ears, beef jerky, some of which they have had, but of course their very own over-indulgent complete Christmas dinner too... even a sprout each, not so sure that was a good idea...

So of course its great to be able to walk the dogs more, and this morning was no exception. We went really early so that we missed all the 'boxing day walkers' as Risk has decided that other walkers (and runners!!!) must fuss him and squeals at them in excitement!! I have a challenge on my hands, but he was a good boy and came back each time on his recall. They all had a fantastic time getting all wet and muddy; Kiah running around like a loon, Davy going on his little adventures, Yahoo on a mission and coming back when he feels like it, and Risk joining in with them all!! All four dogs were pretty good though for appeasing us (and do get a sweetie reward) when we just had a quick 5 minutes to stop for a group photo pose.

This afternoon they are all happily chilled out, settled and chewing on their gifts - hooves and bones, and I'm sure we will be sampling a few left overs - there is more turkey, gammon and stuffing, Christmas pudding, mince pies and just a little M&S raspberry and vanilla panna cotta (which is fantastic!!) that might need to be finished, if we have room!!

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