Friday, 23 December 2011

Happy Birthdays!!

Its been another round of birthdays recently - firstly mine when I was hitting the big 30, which is a bit scary as i don't feel that grown up. It was an enjoyable birthday, Alex had arranged for some friends to come around, my favourite meal, and a yummy surprise birthday cake!! I also got spoiled with some fab presents which were lovely, including a shiny new sparkly collar for Kiah - its really difficult to get a picture where it sparkles but see below. I think my favourite gift by far though, has got to be the new style hardwearing 'plastic' agility jumps I received - in my favourite colours purple and white. If the garden ever dries out a bit and is less of a squishy bog, I will hopefully get a chance to do just a few fun practice bits in the garden.

Exactly 15 days later (as he reminds me every year!!) it was Alex's birthday, and he also turned 30, we are the same age. I hope that he enjoyed his birthday meal out, I secretly arranged for 7 of our friends to meet up on the evening before his birthday to help us celebrate, with lots of drinks and balloons and celebrations!! It is nice to be able to spoil Alex too, as he always does so much for me (and for other people) I like to return the sentiment. He received some smaller gifts but his main present had arrived a little bit earlier in the year, so he now has a new toy in the form of an old Landrover Defender.

Last but most certainly not least, it was little Kiah's birthday the day after Alex's, I really can't believe my special girl is six already and she has brought me complete joy throughout every day of her life. Happy Birthday Kiah Pie!! She really is a fantastic little dog, and just perfect enough for me. There was no steak this year as naughty me forgot to buy any, however she did have lots of biscuits, and a complete can of sardines, oil and all with her dinner, smelled horrid, but I think enjoyable in her opinion. She is and always will be spoiled silly, but why not - unfortunately our devoted companions are just not around long enough to NOT treat them as well as we are able and want to!!

Oh and of course a quick update on Risk; he is coming along very well, I have been teaching him a few more tricks, just simple things but its amazing how fast he picks up what he is supposed to do, after literally a few practices. He now knows how to put his back feet on things, loves his balance board, goes 'in his house', left and right, sit, down and stay, and learning roll over... I think thats about it so far! Now that his jabs have been completed too, he has also been on a few walks, some on lead but also one long one with 18 other dogs!! He was carried for about half of it (on and off) by Alex who was fab carrying the back pack, but Risk really just took it all in his stride and recalled fantastically for a piece of frankfurter - every single time what a good boy!!

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