Saturday, 10 January 2009

Back to Training!

Well after what seems like forever and a day (though its really only been 3 and a bit weeks plus the Christmas break), due to Kiah being in season over the Christmas break we are going back to training today, I am really looking forward to it! Kiah is bound to be absolutely off her head as apart from a bit of training at home (with our nice new jumps!), we haven't done much since before training stopped for Christmas. I have also bitten the 'agility show' bullet for 2009 as I am determined not to miss the closing dates like I did last year for quite a lot of nice shows. I have started entering a few of them now, there's one in February so far, Crufts breed show in March and already booked a week's holiday at work for a show in August!

Also this morning we woke up to a thick layer of white snow and frost outside, it is really beautiful and has covered everything, all the trees have a spiky looking but delicate frost blanket over them. We got up early-ish and took Kiah over the park for a run around and play with her ball before training, she loves getting all the snow all over her (not a brilliant pic as taken on my phone) and all the different sniffs, and though its freezing, at least it was sunny. Kiah met her friend Shelley a Golden Retriever, over the park, Shelley thinks it is fun to bark which just makes Kiah chase her and want to play with her more!

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