Sunday, 25 January 2009

Departures and Arrivals!

Alex has departed this morning to Brussels for a few days to see his dad, and sort out some of his bits and bobs, as very soon their house in Belgium will be sold - hopefully he won't bring back too much stuff, though I can forgive him if he does, because I have requested some yummy Belgian chocolates which are the best!! So I would like to say it is quiet in the house... but I have a VIP arrival here (very important pooch!) by the name of Tia, who is staying with me and Kiah for a couple of days!! As Dave and the superstar Rusty are up at the BSD world champs selection, I offered to look after Tia today and for a few days after, as Kiah loves playing with her and they love roughing each other up! Unfortunately though, I have to go up to Bedford on a course for work, so I will be taking Tia back to her home on Tuesday evening, and Kiah will be going too, up to stay with Dave for a couple of days til I am back and can pick her up.

So this morning after dropping Alex off at the airport at some horrible hour (about 7am, early for me for a Sunday!), Kiah, Tia and I went out for a nice walk over the local park, or should I say the paddy fields, it is totally flooded over there! The dogs had a fab time chasing each other, running through the puddles and splashing about! Both girlies got really soaked, so I have switched the heating on so it is toasty in here, they have been warm-towel dried and are sound asleep, Kiah is on my bed wrapped up in a blanket, and Tia is next to me on the spare room bed, also wrapped up warm, don't want them getting cold! Spoiled? Of course.

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