Monday, 19 January 2009

Busy Weekend

This weekend has been a fairly busy one, it always goes too fast for my liking, though some weeks can race by, anyway the faster some weeks go, the closer it is to another agility show! We had errands to run on Saturday morning, including posting one of Kiah's blankets to Brussels so that Yahoo can get used to her general smell before he comes to visit and hopefully stay over here. I have attached a picture of Mr Handsome Golden Retriever here! We also have one of Yahoo's rub down towels so that Kiah can get used to his smell in her house too, she spent about 10 minutes inhaling the smells from it!!

Anyway Saturday afternoon was training, we are still indoors at the moment due to the horrible weather, which still sends Kiah a bit loopy as she is constantly watching the other dogs, but she is a lot better than she used to be! I think we both prefer training outside though. Kiah was good at training, especially on the weaves which is good, though she still enters the weaves very quickly, she steadies herself just enough to get into the 2nd pole not the third. We were also practising pull-throughs, which I just need to improve my handling on, and Kiah needs to understand what my steady command means as she sometimes still jumps soooo wide and long - so we are going to practice this!

Sunday morning the weather had stayed sunny and warm for a while, so Kiah and I went on a nice walk with Rusty (the champ!) and Tia (spinny!) over the local forest and lake, jumping and wading in the mud and puddles! My good digital camera wasn't charged, and my phone with the better camera on is broken due to a manufacturing fault, so I couldn't take any pictures, but I have attached one here. This photo of the dogs posing was taken on my stairs L-R is Kiah, Rusty, Tia!

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